Does Flex Lewis Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

When we begin the discussion on the bodybuilding and anyone has to take part in the journey of bodybuilding, definitely we think top level of bodybuilders around the world.

Flex lewis Steroids

There is the top level of the bodybuilders who admitted the use of steroid such as the Ronnie Coleman,  who won the Mr. Olympia eight times, Jay Clutter who won the Mr. Olympia for the four times, Dorian state who won the Mr. Olympia for six times, Arnold Schwarzenegger who won the Mr. Olympia for the seven times and Flex Wheeler who also won the Mr. Olympia for the seven times.

Now we all know about the 34 year welsh bodybuilder who just recently won the Mr. Olympia for the six times.

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Thus, there are many peoples wonder to think about the Flex Lewis is just one step left for reaching the Dorian state and Arnold level.

So, is it possible to gain the physique like an Arnold without the use of steroid?

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Here you can find that Flex Lewis is natural or the steroid user.

Statistics Of James Flex Lewis:

  • Weight of the body: 230lbs-235lbs
  • Height of the body: 5’5’’
  • Date of the birth: 15 November, 1983
  • Flex Lewis has the weight of 230Ibs-235Ibs with height 5’5’’.

The man with this height can naturally build up the 135lbs.

The difference is huge, but attainable as genetic freak and hard working

I hope to inspire others like Arnold Inspire me

I was blessed to hold a Mr. Olympia title as 212 best physiques around the world. I’m preparing for coming in the next year

The Bodybuilder Matches The Legend Schwarzenegger Record: Flex Lewis Arnold classic

Flex Lewis, a weightlifter has taken the other Mr. Olympia and going to tie with the record of Arnold.

Flex Lewis bodybuilderThough, he just got the weight similar to the Arnold.

He just won the Mr. Olympia title for the sixth time in a series (Weight category)

Flex blessed with bodybuilding icon and the Australian Hollywood actor.

IFBB (international federation of bodybuilding and fitness) conducts the top international event in the bodybuilding called as the Mr. Olympia event

Arnold has the weight of 235Ibs with 6’2’’ height, whereas the Flex Lewis is loaded with the similar weight 230lbs-235lbs with the 5’5’’ height.

Gain Timeline:

He is well known by the world’s best 212 physiques.

James Lewis started his bodybuilding training since he was the 12 old year old with the plastic weights.

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Through the set of plastic weights, he has transitioned into the sports where his nickname became FLEX due to having an awesome flexibility and has the ability to avoid the obstacles.

When he turned to 15, so he had experienced with the extra gain and the explosive strength.

James Flex won the 28 contests and becomes one of the greatest bodybuilders in the UK.

He gained through the training since he was 12 years old that is continuing from that day to nowdays.

The long years of training can result in the maximum gain.

Genetic Freak:

There are few people that are born with the awesome genetics.

Flex Lewis before and after bodybuilding

Flex is one of the men who just born with the characteristic of genetic freak.

Despite with ability of genetic by birth, the training in the childhood time is the reason for promoting the better result.

Training since the childhood time when combines with the genetic, so the results are awesome.

Dbol pills are mostly used by bodybuilders for muscle growth and Anavar for cutting ripped body.

The bodybuilding training in the early ages plays role in the maximum bulking as compared to the younger age.

Is There Any Physical Evidence That Shows The Use Of Steroid?

You can find out some idea through the visual observations.

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There are many symptoms that can appear after a long term use of steroid.

1. Rapid Transformation: (Negative)

Flex Lewis had not undergone the rapid transformation. He has continued his training since childhood time.

There are supplements for boost testosterone level naturally which can help in building muscle and stamina.

The symptoms of juicers that they are comes with the maximum gain and defined physique in just 5 years or minimum.

2. The Synthetic LooK: (Negative)

Those who use the steroids looks like a synthetic as their muscles are the balloon in shape, wider waist line, HGH gut, wide waistline and has increased vascularity.

While the Flex Lewis body looks natural, small waist and the natural color of skin.

There are no any symptoms of acne and the stretch marks on the back.

3. Baldness: (Negative)

Longer term use can cause the thinning of hair and the baldness.

Flex head is full of hair and surely indicates the deny of illegal drugs.

Bodybuilding Federations Tests:

Flex has participated in the variety of bodybuilding federations where he was cleared in all tests.

Flex Mr. OlympiaThe tests are not so typical and don’t have the ability to identify the natural one and the juicer, so this is not a big deal.

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Even their websites are not updated with detailed and the cleared information


It is possible to gain the physique like Flex Lewis for the natty bodybuilders.

It just requires the hard working, motivation, and dedication.

There are no any physical evidence are seen that indicates the use of steroid

The James Flex diet includes the sex meal plan.

He works out for a whole week instead of Saturday in which he targets the back on Monday, biceps on Tuesday, chest on Wednesday, hamstrings and calves on Thursday, triceps on Friday  and legs on the Sunday. Saturday is the rest day.

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My accomplishments are achieving through the hard work and dedication.

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